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Here you will find resources to help you build your knowledge and skills. There are trainings available as regular zoom meetings for those who enjoy group settings, and short courses for those who want to quietly walk through something on their own. We are continuously adding to this page so please check back often! If you are looking for a webinar or video presentation, please go to our Free Webinars page.

Free Trainings Available Online

  1. Critical Race Theory Toolkit - Developed by Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson, this collection of FAQs, short videos, linked articles, and templates will help you understand what CRT actually is, and how to pushback against its framing as an inflammatory umbrella term used to challenge books and educational materials by and about people of color.

  2. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education K-12 Video Archive - A collection of short videos (3-5 minutes each) that cover the First Amendment, including individual court cases, and our rights.

  3. Race Forward H. E. A. L. Training Series - A targeted series of trainings to help parents, caregivers and community members organize for multiracial democracy, then push for change in school systems.

  4. Red Wine & Blue Online Events and Trainings - Available year-round, these events span from narrow topics to school board advocacy training and banned book clubs.

Upcoming Get Ready, Stay Ready Short Courses

Library language for caregivers

By Sherry Neal and Lucy Santos Green

Intellectual Freedom | Collection Development | Weeding |Inquiry | School Librarianship vs Public Librarianship

Work your way through the information provided in this short-course and walk away with a strong, foundational understanding of library language and practices - including how these are misrepresented or misunderstood during book challenges and education politics.

By Stacy Collins, Alli Harper, and Lucy Santos Green

Development of Bias | Books and Bias | Traps & Techniques | Supporting Students | Material Selection | Supporting Authors | Fundraising

Coming Soon!

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