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Here you will find resources to help you build your knowledge and skills. There are trainings available as regular zoom meetings for those who enjoy group settings, and short courses for those who want to quietly walk through something on their own. We are continuously adding to this page so please check back often! If you are looking for a webinar or video presentation, please go to our Free Webinars page.

Free Trainings Available Online

Get Ready, Stay Ready Short Courses

By Pat Lawrence

Dive into the precise legal definition of obscenity according to Miller v. California; explore how the term “obscene” is used in imprecise ways to chill speech and silence marginalized voices; examine how the end of the terminological debate is the beginning of the ideological debate; and explore the deeper issue of protecting access to varied ideas, with an emphasis on sources that might appeal across political divides.

Library language for caregivers

By Sherry Neal and Lucy Santos Green

Intellectual Freedom | Collection Development | Weeding |Inquiry | School Librarianship vs Public Librarianship

Work your way through the information provided in this short-course and walk away with a strong, foundational understanding of library language and practices - including how these are misrepresented or misunderstood during book challenges and education politics.

By Stacy Collins and Alli Harper

Development of Bias | Books and Bias | Traps & Techniques | Supporting Students | Material Selection | Supporting Authors 

Discussions about the immeasurable value of diversity and thoughtfully crafted representation in books are not new, but they are as vital now as they were half a century ago. This short-course helps you explore not only the enormous impact diverse books have on readers, but also how to encourage and support diversity in books in your communities.

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