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On this page you'll find links to articles and news stories that we think you should read and share with others. Check back often!

  1. Accusations of 'Grooming' Are the Latest Political Attack - With Homophobic Origins - An article by NPR reporter Melissa Block, also available as a 6 minute audio file, that delves into the painful history behind the use of the term 'grooming' as a political weapon.

  2. Book Bans Affect Everybody - Here's How You Can Help - Written by school librarian, Alex Brown, this article clearly voices how parents, caregivers, and other concerned stakeholders can support libraries as we face an explosion in censorship attempts.

  3. Book Banning in Walton County Based on Misleading "Porn in Schools Report" Illustrates Alarming Influence of Fringe Groups on Educational Censorship - A report by Pen America on a specific case that exemplifies the creeping power and reach of organized censorship efforts, including links to important figures, lists, and groups to keep watch over.

  4. Book Banning in the US: These Are the Authors of Color Censors are Trying to Silence - A report by Elliot C. McLaughlin that highlights four young adult authors of color whose novels are being targeted by censorship efforts and how these efforts are tied to race.

  5. Culturally Centered Education: A Primer - A report that "a. Defines key terms pertaining to culturally-based education; b. Explains the implications these terms have for curriculum and instructional materials; and c. Assesses the state of the culturally-based education field." [Description cited from original source]

  6. Here's What Book Banning Means for Latinx Communities - An article by Meg Medina for Parents magazine, discussing the impact of book banning and book challenges on specific groups.

  7. How to Fight Book Bans and Challenges: An Anti-Censorship Toolkit - An article by Kelly Jensen at Bookriot that provides a great background on the role of media, news organizations, polarization, misinformation/disinformation, on the current uprise in book challenges, along with practical steps for addressing these issues.

  8. How to Support Diverse Books During a Book Ban - An article by JoAnn Yao,, on ways to fight book challenges in your local community.

  9. Mirrors, Windows, & Sliding Glass Doors - A famous essay written by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop, this brief paper is a foundational explanation of why reading a broad variety of books, by and about a broad variety of people, is crucial for a global mindset.

  10. Writing Kid Lit While Queer - A thoughtful and heartfelt post by YA author Robin Stevenson on writing as a queer author and what book challenges mean in this context.

  11. Tired of Uninformed School Board Candidates? Try Asking These Questions - Written by a former elementary school principal, this article gives you a list of powerful questions to ask those running for school board candidacy. These questions would also be useful to you if you are considering running as a candidate yourself.

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