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Use this page to help amplify information about intellectual freedom and a student's right to read on social media and other online platforms. Below you will find social media cards and videos that can be easily shared online.

Rights don't just exist for us as adults, they exist for our children - Elizabeth Hahn
If you are afraid a book is going to change someone's way of thinking, you aren't afraid of books. You're afraid of thinking. - Elizabeth Hahn
It is not banning a book, it is banning a person. - Dr. Lucy Santos Green
It's really concerning when we see upticks in book banning. Frankly, we see these upticks quite regularly for a society that likes to hold itself up as a great democracy - Stacy Collins
You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture, just get people to stop reading them - Ray Bradbury
We have some very serious stakes that are coming up for readers who don't have the right to vote yet. They don't have a lot of rights. But the right to read and the right to intellectual freedom is one that they've had forever, and now that is being challenged. - Stacy Collins