Civic Engagement

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On this page you will find resources to help you become civically engaged, including support for those who would like organize a protest, communicate with legislators, write representatives, city council members, or school administrators,  and even mount a school board campaign. Start here if you are ready to round up fellow parents, caregivers, and other community members and get organized!

Legal News

Support the Right to Read Act

Contact your representative today and ask them to support the Right to Read Act! Materials to help you share information on this proposed federal legislation:

Community Organizing, Advocacy, and Activism

Watch Out!

The following Censorship Group Database records organizations across the country that have come together to attack intellectual freedom, and the freedom to read. Despite any spin the groups use to describe themselves, their main target is book banning through censorship. If you know of an organization (whether local, state, or national) that you do not see on this database, please submit it to Kelly Jensen at Bookriot by using THIS LINK.

Guides, Scripts, Messaging, and Communication

Determining How You Would Like to Be Involved

Key National Organizations and Efforts 

Key State Organizations and Efforts [Submit your State Org to be Added]

State Legislative Action Tracker

We are tracking legislative actions by state in the spreadsheet below. If you have a legislative action you would like for us to include, please submit it using the State Legislative Action Google Form.

Other Bill Tracker tools available include: a) FastDemocracy, a tool available both in a free and paid version, that allows you to track bills using filters to narrow your results;  b) EveryLibrary Legislation of Concern, a list of bills by state that negatively impact libraries and library systems; and c) EveryLibrary Good News Legislation, a list of bills by state that positively impact libraries and library systems.

Red, Wine & Blue also maintains a detailed book ban tracker, including a button for submitting information you would like to share.

State Legislative Action Tracker
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